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MSN Autos, Top Electronics
MSN, November 2007
Mobileye N.V. Announces Investment by Goldman Sachs
October 2007
Mobileye Technology Powers Volvo Car's New Lane Departure Warning System
October 2007
Mobileye Advanced Vehicle Technologies Power Volvo Car's Driver Alert Control (DAC) System
October 2007
Mobileye Advanced Technologies Power Volvo Car's World First Collision Warning With Auto Brake System
October 2007
Volvo: New Collision Warning with Auto Brake Helps Prevent Rear-end Collisions
September 2007
Volvo Cars Introduces New Systems for Alerting Tired and Unconcentrated Drivers
September 2007
Mobileye AWS used as the basis for official Dutch research: 'Roads to the Future: The Assisted Driver’
Report from the Dutch Ministry of Transport, July 2007
The Wall Street Journal Features Mobileye: 'A Warning System as Your Co-Pilot'
Wall Street Journal, June 2007
Mobileye N.V. and Yazaki Corp. Sign Agreement for Distribution in Japan of the AWS-3000
June 2007
GM Announces 2008 Cadillac STS to Include Mobileye's LDW Technology
May 2007
Siemens VDO and Mobileye N.V. Supply Lane Departure Warning to BMW’s 5 Series
March 2007
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Mobileye® has developed core technologies in the areas of algorithms and ASIC architecture design for monocular video processing supporting driver assistance and for safety related applications such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW)Pedestrian Recognition, Adaptive Headlight Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, and additional applications.
A complete vision system for driver assistance applications consists of the Mobileye EyeQ processing unit and a configuration of sensory inputs ranging from a single (monocular) camera sensor, fusion of multiple cameras with varying fields of view and fusion between video and Radar/Lidar. The Mobileye EyeQ™ and the second generation Mobileye EyeQ2 are advanced powerful image processing chips able to run a wide range of vision applications simultaneously.
An entire vision-based solution comprising of a camera sensor and the Mobileye EyeQ™ ASIC can be located on a low power consumption cabin-grade automotive qualified board as compact as  Mobileye’s SeeQ board that is 4x7cm (1.6”x2.8”).
Mobileye® offers development and evaluation platforms for use by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for lane detection and vehicle/object detection applications. These are as follows:
- EPM – (Mobileye EyeQ™ Programming Module) platform.
- ACP5/ACP6 -  an Embedded system which are Motorola PowerPC based.
Mobileye® is scheduled to provide its technology in six production platforms in 2007 (start of production) with BMW, GM and Volvo including:
Additional OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have Mobileye evaluation systems installed in vehicles for advanced development and research programs. Additional launches in 2008 and 2009 for other product combinations are in serial development.
For series applications Mobileye is able to offer a complete array of vision-based driver assistance systems consisting of, for example:
Forward Looking Applications
- Pedestrian Recognition
- Adaptive Headlight Control
Side Mirror Applications
Rear Looking Applications
Data fusion to additional sensors - Radar and Lidar
Considering the combination of in-house developed S/W and H/W Mobileye represents a unique single source for a complete range of Driver Assistance Systems for the OEM and Tier One markets. View Delphi's press release.

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